Madame Poulet

  • Client:
    Madame Poulet Groupe

  • Location:

  • Production Date:
    July 2016

  • Duration:
    2:35 minutes

  • Category:
    Crowd-funding Campaign
  • image
    Writer, Director, Producer, Editor
    Bob Yothers

    Interviewer, Translator
    Maryen van Castro

    On most Fridays you can find me a the local Bio farmer's market in my neighborhood. I'm friendly with many of the venders and one in particular, Fenna, I really clicked with. She owns and operates a very successful rotisserie chicken food-truck and through our conversations she became interested in having a promotional video made to help her get to the next level. She'll be opening a storefront for her business in The Hague and launched a crowd-funding campaign (which was fully funded in 7 minutes!) We shot over two and half days and we are very happy with the results. "Continued success, Fenna!"