'The Gardens of Thy Heart'

  • Singer/Songwriter:
    Ellen Molnia

  • Location:
    Järna, Sweden.

  • Production Dates:
    Oct 2018

  • Duration:
    6 minutes

  • Category:
    Music Video

  • Awards:
    Nominated: Best Foreign Film (Cittadella Geo Film Festival: ITALY)
  • image
    Producer, Director
    Bob Yothers

    Official Selection:
    • International Music Video Awards 2021
    • Cittadella Geo Film Festival 2020
    • Västerâs Film Festival 2019
    • Lift-Off Global Network Film Festival 2019
    • Music Shorts Film Festival 2019

    While in Sweden for the 2018 Västerâs Film Festival, I looked up a talented Swedish singer/songwriter I'd found on FB and approached her about doing a Music Video while I was 'in the neighborhood.' As luck would have it, Ellen was thrilled with the idea and our collaboration took off from there. It proved to be a wonderful, fruitful two days with great results. Thank you, sister Ellen!