The Abbey Program

  • Client:
    Various American Universities

  • Location:
    Loire Valley, France

  • Production Date:
    Jul 2011

  • Duration:
    9 minute, 30 seconds

  • Category:
    Education Promotion
  • image
    Producer, Writer, Director, Editor
    Bob Yothers

    This is the first promotional video I produced for an American consortium of 24-universities in Europe. Shot in Paris as well as the French countryside - the focus was on a semester-long program held in a thousand year-old Abbey in the village of Pontlevoy. It was the success of this production and the enthusiasm of its administrator that opened the doors to further productions, travel and interactions for me. These experiences not only reminded me of why I love seeing the world, but why I'm dedicated to and am passionate about getting young people out of their comfort-zone and into the big, wide world.