Cassy Dreams Big!

  • Screenplay:
    My Racing Heart

  • Studio/Network:
    Imagine Impact/Netflix

  • Location:
    Baambrugge, Netherlands

  • Production Date:
    Oct 2020

  • Duration:
    1:30 minutes

  • Category:
  • image
    Bob Yothers

    Official Selection:
    • Focus International Film Festival - 2021
    • Västerâs Film Festival - 2021

    Netflix, in association with Imagine Impact, in Hollywood, was looking for female driven thrillers and sent out a call to writers. A few years ago I had great success with my original screenplay, My Racing Heart, and thought that I would offer it for their consideration. In their criteria they asked for a 30-second video pitch from the writers...As I sat at my desk dreading this, I thought, "why not make a film presentation?" So a short two weeks later I found myself and crew and talent and volunteers on a small farm outside of Amsterdam ready to go! The shoot and subsiquent post-production came together without a hitch and we're really proud and happy with the results. Special shout-out to Romy Stuik in her screen debut as the female stock-car driver, Cassy O'Neal!