Cry Me an Ocean

  • Television Pilot:
    Cry Me an Ocean

  • Studio:

  • Location:
    Zutphen, Netherlands

  • Production Date:
    July 2022

  • Duration:
    3:30 minutes

  • Category:
  • image
    Bob Yothers

    This is the TEASER for our new film, currently in post-production. Studio-B-AMS, in association with The Dutch Dragons stunt team got together to create a small-epic adventure in the ancient forests of Zutphen, Netherlands.

    The story is about a modern day Iroquois warrior who camps out in the top of a tree to protect a sacred forest from loggers. The logging company has hired a security firm to arrest her if she sets foot on the forest floor so periodically her friends need to bring her supplies. Our story take place during one of these supply runs when something goes horribly wrong for our hero.

    Thank you cast and crew and friends of the production! We're super excited to share this new film with the world!