Screenwriting Awards for various feature-length scripts

Winner: The Screenwriter’s Network - Producer’s Outreach Program
Finalist: Chesterfield Screenwriting Competition
Semi-finalist: Maui Writer’s Conference Screenwriting Competition
Semi-finalist: Austin Heart of Film Screenwriting Competition (2 years running)
Quarter-finalist: CineStory Screenwriting Competition
Honorable Mention: Nicholl Fellowship (2 years running)

Writing in Hollywood has it's own set of challenges. First, write an amazing story...Then the real 'fun' begins. Not only do you need to please the readers, but agents and managers, production staff, producers, directors and talent. What to do? Write what you love and hope that it catches someone's eye. And then another and another. If you can stand the hard work, stress and disappointment you'll be that much closer to seeing your 'baby' on the silver screen. And how cool would that be?!