Getting in the room

Ridley Scott, Ang Lee, Joel Schumacher, Frank Darabon and Nancy Meyers

Development Directors for:
Tom Cruise & Paula Wagner, Tom Hanks, Penny Marshal, Edward Norton, Steven Seagal and Madonna

In conjunction with my thriving graphic design business in Los Angeles, I dedicated large portions of time and effort into improving my screenwriting - the thought being, if someone liked my script, I could attach myself as the director. And after years of toil, I won and placed in several prestigious writing competitions. This caught the attention of some of Hollywood's top-talent - Everyone wanting to meet the next great up-and-comer so I was invited into the offices of many A-List Directors and/or their Development Directors. My ultimate breakthrough didn't happen, but I was good enough to 'get into the room,' a major accomplishment in Tinseltown.