'The Creeping Terror - a story of heart ache and rug burn'

This was my senior exit film from The Ohio State University.

--- I am digitizing a new master so check back to see it for yourself ---

I'm including this early film too as I have more fond memories of the production. I had come a very long way since my little 'war-movie' and commanded a large, full student cast and crew with professional film cameras and equipment. Along with the other near-professionals (including new, life-long friend to be and cinematographer, Ahmet Aydogan,) on-board was a talented music composer, Robert Ayala, who pushed our little film to the next level.

Our premiere was at a local movie theater with over 900 people in attendance and at a later screening I was approached by a European couple who said, "It was the best American film they had seen." A sign of things to come? Above is one of the promotional stills featuring our lead actors, Belinda Schmid and Ted Hardin (and of course the throw-rug, Ruby, the third in the love-triangle, in the background.)